3rd Oct Workshop

**Collaborative Production and Consumption** **in a Digitally Connected World** Monday 3 October, 2011, 8:30am to 4:30pm Deloitte, Level 10, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne Registration: [http://collaboratoryoct3.eventbrite.com/](http://collaboratoryoct3.eventbrite.com/) Enquiries: 1300 482 611 or host@hubmelbourne.com **[REGISTER](http://collaboratoryoct3.eventbrite.com/)** **[HERE](http://collaboratoryoct3.eventbrite.com/)**

Cyriel Kortleven (Brussels) and Russell Yardley (Melbourne), supported by* _Stef Kuypers_* (Brussels)

With smartphones and iPads supported by faster and faster networks, billions of people are communicating, cooperating and collaborating to radically increase innovation. They're quickly sharing radical ideas and have the capacity to work in new, distributed team structures that are possible in this powerful digital economy.

This innovative workshop will:

  • Present the very latest ideas on collaboration to drive massive increases in productivity
  • Introduce interactive activities to build awareness of the collaborative reality of the future workplace
  • Facilitate ways of connecting and collaborating in the global workplace of the future
  • Apply Improv techniques from the theatre to the workplace to encourage collaboration
  • Explore experiences and practices to enable you to work most effectively in distributed, multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Build trust and collaboration on a personal/physical level via applied improvisation
  • Provide Networking exercises to learn how to create new styles of teams that work more productively together
  • Stimulate a Mega-brainstorm session on the topic ' How can we collaborate in a more efficient/faster/better way together?' - for idea generation + idea-selecting and finetuning top-concept development
  • Introduce exercises designed to reduce risk aversion.

Join us in this Euro-Australian workshop to navigate the way to success in our future hyper-connected world, in which success will require hyper-collaboration, on a scale never before envisaged.

**Cyriel Kortleven**, from _new shoes today_ in is an international speaker, master of interaction, facilitator, inspirator, creative driver, Knight of NOW, author, a warm human being, in eternal development, but always present. **_new shoes today_** is a Brussels-based 21st century collaborative group with a growing number of progressive European soul mates in business and the arts who give support to people and organisations on their road to creation, innovation and change. More at [http://www.cyrielkortleven.com/](http://www.cyrielkortleven.com/) and [http://www.newshoestoday.com/site/we/cyriel_kortleven](http://www.newshoestoday.com/site/we/cyriel_kortleven) **Stef Kuypers**, one of Cyriel's fellow _new shoes today_ collaborators, is an Improv specialist and innovation expert, and will facilitate some of the extraordinary activities that have been planned for the workshop. More at [http://www.stefkuypers.com/StefKuypers/welcome.html](http://www.stefkuypers.com/StefKuypers/welcome.html) ** Russell Yardley** started one of the very first multimedia companies in Australia in 1985 and was an early developer of web applications from 1994, winning numerous awards for innovation on the Internet. His company was rated as one of the top 10 employers in Australia alongside Apple, Nokia, Cisco, Sun and SAS in 2000\. Russell established the collaboration in IT initiative for the AIIA, known as CollabIT, and has regularly spoken and written about the power of collaboration in business. He has advised state and federal government on the Internet and is currently chairing a number of expert panels for the Minister for Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy Senator Stephen Conroy. More at [www.AlgonquinInvestments.com](http://www.algonquininvestments.com/)

Since Cyriel's initial visit to Melbourne in 2009, Cyriel and Russell have been collaborating about collaboration and have now joined forces with other members of CPX (Creative Performance Exchange) and Hub Melbourne to host this action learning programme.

[ ](http://www.hubmelbourne.com/)