Advisory Services

The real value in working with an experienced small business founder and operator who understands small business is that the realities of running a business are always at the centre of all activities and any advice provided.

It is vital that any small business leadership team has a brutally honest understanding of their staff's and customers' reality concerning their business. Russell works hard to build confidence amongst your staff and customers so that he hears both what they are telling him but he also make sure that he notices what he is not told.

Russell usually conduct a few short workshops followed up by individual customer and employee interviews. As issues emerge and themes become obvious in depth discussions can debate the options to arrive at the best course of action. The conversations and actions are likely to cover:

  • Identifying risks to established business models
  • 'what if' scenario's to test possible changes to the economy or market conditions
  • exploring new business development opportunities
  • preparing an exit strategy including developing key relationships and working on the value proposition for potential buyers