Community Activities

Strong communities are built out of the many weak links that citizens create from their activities with all the organisations across their community. Our community in Woodend and the surounding Macedon Ranges is a rich tapestry of people from the Woodend Children's Park, the Poly Phonics Choir, the Book Group, the Macedon Ranges Writers Group and as is often the case the community surrounding the Candlebark school which our children attend in Romsey.

It is important that all opinions are heard and that the majority respects the many diverse opinions in the community. There is nothing more ugly than the dictatorship of the majority. It is also critical to ensure that community decisions are based on accurate, authoritative evidence and not made because of rumour, innuendo and hearsay.

There is a great deal of wisdom in crowds but such wisdom comes from independent assessment of all relevant information NOT from any herd mentality. The recent stock market crash and the Global Financial Crisis is an excellent example of disarsterous herd behaviour. But open transparent group decision making is still by far the best way to allocate resources and provide the best possible outcomes for most people.

This website has been designed to help our community identify important issues, possible solutions and how to engage the community to achieve them. Please document your issues here and conduct surveys to identify community support.