Sustainability must be central to all public policy. Whilst studying in the early seventies for my science degree at the University of Melbourne I majored in meteorology which made me very aware of the potential for massive climate change from carbon pollution. It also made me very aware for the need of data and to base public policy on meaningful evidence.

Are you confused about how to think about the many conflicting arguments about climate change? Here is a very straightforward way to think about what you hear about climate change.

So you want to lower your carbon footprint. You plan to build that energy saving home. I came across this delightful TED presentation by Catherine Mohr setting out the complexity in making sound decisions in living a sustainable life style.

When I was at university in the 70's nuclear power was emerging as a major environmental issue with the Fox enquiry amongst others setting out the dangers and benefits of the technology. The political consequences of this debate saw the industry hibernate for 30 years but with climate change it has achieved a second life. Again any debate should be based on the evidence not emotions. The TED video below is an excellent debate that adds great clarity to this important debate.