Motivating Speeches

Barry Schwartz: Using our Practical Widsdom

Setting more or more rules or developing motivation and skills to bring about better behaviour. Yet the tendency in modern day politics seems to be reduce the requirement for judgment preferring mandatory sentencing restricting the appointed judges to making decisions from selecting from a list and not making any use of their ability to judge.

Aristotle examined how stone masons working on Lesbos solved novel problems. He observed how they used a flexible rule to measure round columns and identified the need to bend the rule. A tape measure in our terms today. Aristotle also observed that dealing with people we need to bend the rules. 
Quality and excellence like good Jazz requires a professional to take the notes on the page as a starting point and the brilliance of the music evolves from the talent of that particular combination of Jazz musicians performing the music. Similarly ISO standards and CMMI standards are a starting point for professionals to create outstanding design, outstanding quality. 
A wise professional knows when to bend the rules, knows when to innovate and most important a wise professional knows that you bend the rules, you innovate you improvise in the interest of achieving the right aims and usually for others.

Steve Jobs Commencement address Stanford University June 2005