2008 Election

Russell Yardley stood for the West Ward in the Macedon Ranges Shire Council election held on 27 November 2008. He received 559 votes with Roger Jukes 1810 votes, Neil Manning 813 votes and Henryka Benson 673 votes elected.

"I stood for council to help provide a more informed and engaged community so that important decisions on the wellbeing, planning and environment of the community are based on accurate, authoritative information. That community organisations are encouraged and supported to enrich our community and provide a valuable and sustainable future for our children."

"Over the next few years I will work hard to support the council and the community. It is important we work together to define and bring about the community we seek and not just define ourselves by what we oppose."

"The goal of any community should be to hand over to our children an environment and society that is in better shape than that provided to us by our parents. We are stewards of our environment not its owner."

Some of the issues that need to be effectively addressed in the next few years are:

  • In Planning to deliver a sound strategic development plan for Woodend and its surrounds (subdivisons, Braemar Second Campus, commercial twon centre)
  • Establishment of a Macedon Ranges Arts Foundation
  • Health and sports facilites such as the Kyneton Aquatic Centre
  • Establishing a Committee for the Macedon Ranges that brings together community, arts, sporting, education, tourism and business facilities of the region.