What I stand for

  • Support for Woodend Children's Park
  • Better community services especially for young people
  • Support for small business
  • Sensible careful planning decisions
  • Support for Landcare and sustainable environment
  • authentic authoritative accessible information for decision making

Decisions require us to apply all of what we know to select the best option. The best results usually come from having access to all the right information that clarifies why and how things should be done.

I will work through the Mayor and CEO to ensure that council information systems are improved to enable not just councillors and staff but everyone in the community to have easy access to the information they need.

Modern communications and collaboration techniques like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn provide effective social networking and other technologies provide ways for everyone to create, publish and share valuable information. The council must be part of this communication and collaboration revolution.

Small business is the fastest growing sector of the national economy providing the largest number of new jobs. Small business is the life blood of the Macedon Ranges economy and I will focus on working with our local businesses to take full advantage of State and Federal Government programmes (such as the excellent programme Skills for Growth) that will stimulate innovation and help them grow.

Small companies spend too much of their time working on problems already solved. It is not that they are so stridently independent that they will not look at someone else’s solution it is that they are focussed on action, on getting things done quickly. Easy, available and effective collaboration would help to avoid this waste of time. I will encourage our council to join state-wide initiatives to build collaboration and innovation systems to help make our local small businesses the most productive in the State.

I am passionate about developing on the ground, community networks of people and organisations to help them help themselves. The Woodend Children’s Park is an excellent example of how a motivated, energetic group of people can achieve a great deal in a rather short period of time.

I will work hard to build a strong, diverse community that is open and honest engaging all three levels of government for better educational outcomes, more local jobs and business opportunities, greater personal security with less crime, and public resources being efficiently and fairly utilised.